4 Ways that Astrology can Practically Improve Your Life

Astrology is an enigma. Many people write it off as superstitious pseudoscience, often with good reason.  After all pop astrology and watered-down weekly horoscopes are not illustrious examples of the depth and precision of analysis that is available to the skilled astrologer.

I’m not sure how many people realize and appreciate the incredible impact that astrology has had on modern thought; it’s truly staggering. Let’s explore a very brief list: 

  • Holidays we celebrate – Indeed most of our holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, were co-opted by Christians from astrological belief systems
  • Days of the week – Monday/Moon’s day; Tuesday/Mars’ day; Wednesday; Mercury’s day; and so on
  • Bible – the bible is JAM PACKED with astrological allusion. For example, the three wise men who arrived to greet Jesus were astrologers and based on their astrological analyses, they were some of the first people to know – based on their interpretation of the sky – that a king had been born!
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