thinker & Mover / Student & teacher


I am a PhD candidate and lecturer exploring how evolutionary dynamics shape sex differences, personality variation, and health and disease in the human lineage. I am particularly interested in how evolution impacts the mind-body – especially with respect to female sexuality.

My research transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries created by university structures and academic history. I draw from psychology, biology, evolution, ecology, and medicine in my quest to understand human nature.

Though some people perceive it as hypocritical - or perhaps more kindly - paradoxical, I am also a keen student of the ancient art of astrology. My interest in deep time, psychological archetypes, and natural cycles form a bridge between my scientific and astrological worlds (though I engage in each practice separately).

Within and beyond my scholarly work, I try to weave together wisdoms gleaned from observing cycles of time and mind-body 'knowing' to help others feel at home in their instinctual bodies, usually through the medium of movement.