Rhymes for the New Moon in Cancer

from high skies to fitful streams

sipping on placental dreams


though our eyes & minds may agree

our fallen warrior is moist & moody


to feel warm and safe and surely held

supports paths on which we are compelled


a threat makes our eyes pop wide

do we lash out or run and hide


protecting that which we hold dear

turning away from what we fear


a sweet, supported new beginning

injected with desires of winning


today's lunation in the crab's sign

impresses value on what is mine


be wary as we crawl this moon

enough abounds for all to bloom

New Moon in Cancer: Confronting the devil and storms in the playground

The new moon began last night, July 15th, at 7:24 pm here in Saskatoon. New moons signify the beginning of a fresh 28-day cycle, so take some time to clean your house, wrap up any old tasks if you haven’t already, and enjoy some quiet time to set some new goals or intentions.

During the new moon phase Luna’s light is absent, so symbolically speaking, any seed, idea, or dream can be planted in this rich, dark void of possibility. The Moon merging with the Sun from an earthly vantage point is a brief joining of the unconscious and conscious, a moment to simultaneously open up and choose. Some of your ideas will take root and come to fruition at the full moon in two weeks time and others will rot, feeding the soil for the future instead.


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