I never thought cat pee could make me so happy

Today is the beginning of a new lunar cycle in the fabulous sign of Leo. I planned to write a post about it but life got in the way this week! Here is a little update...stay tuned for the new moon blog coming out this weekend!

A week ago, my lover and I returned from a fun, refreshing, and romantic vacation. We raved, danced, socialized, nude-beached, spent time with friends and family, enjoyed lots of scenic driving, fucked/made sweet love, and connected through deep conversation.  After 2.5 weeks on the road away from our home and our cat, Marshall, we were both ready to return to Saskatoon. 

After a long drive, I suggested we order in a pizza for dinner. Pizza tasted good but early the next morning, B woke up puking his guts out. For the next 12 hours among other bodily unpleasantness. UGH. He had to miss work and felt shitty for the next few days. I did my best to play Nurse Natalie.

A few days later, our roles reversed even with no delivery pizza at which to point the finger of blame! Maybe it was the ice cream dinner + spicy food dessert combination. I don't know. It was awful. Nausea, dry heaving, and puking & shitting at the same time is so horrible. I forget how horrible it is until my face is in the toilet remembering.  Ill for the day, I felt a little more compassion for all those people whose health is suffering in any way. Nurse B was on the case with soup and toast and electrolytes!

While I was awake and vomiting, I noticed that dear Marshall was having trouble peeing (urinary blockages are quite common in male cats). Again. I could tell he was in significant pain, I was in significant pain, and our household budget was stretched pretty tight after holidays. Vets are expensive and last time we took him in for the pee problem, our particular vet wasn't super helpful. Fuck.

Brandon monitored him, force-fed him water, and we decided to wait it out another day before taking him to the vet. 

By yesterday, I was feeling much better but Marshall was iffy. We fed him more of his medicinal food and more water and went to bed feeling a bit uneasy and a bit optimistic. 

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 am to hear Marshall vomiting. By the time I got out of bed and cleaned up, he was crouching on the floor, trying to pee with no success. Poor guy. 

I mentally prepare myself for a trip to the emergency vet clinic. I feed him more water. Pet him. Do some energy work over his bladder and say a prayer to Raphael. 

I bring Marshall into the bed and fill B in on the situation. I put Marshall under a blanket to calm him down while petting him lovingly. Me and Brandon sigh. How much more can this post-vacation week stress the health of our household?!!

Then it hits me...

...hot cat piss all over my leg and bed. Lots of it. Streams and streams of pee!


I am gleeful with happiness that Marshall released his pee. All over me. Without missing a beat, I clean up the bed and smooch Marshall. He falls asleep in a freshly cleaned bed, relaxed and purring.