A New Year, A New Moon: Welcome to 2019

The first new moon of 2019 offers us a solar eclipse in mid-Capricorn, sandwiched between structured Saturn and potent Pluto. An image akin to ‘between a rock and a hard place’ arises here, as the first month of 2019 reveals challenging commitments, worthy struggles, and valued goals that will demand our deep and consistent engagement over the next two years.


It is tempting in our individualistic culture to ask how these planetary cycles impact our singular lives, but with a dance between slow-movers Saturn and Pluto that renews only every 34 or so years, it is necessary to place yourself into the greater context of what is going on in your family, community, country, and globe.


Saturn-Pluto cycles are not cheery: they historically mark periods of war, border changes, religious conflict, and struggles in civil rights (Rick Levine, UAC 2018). The gravity of Saturn – all about structure and responsibility – combined with the transformative nature of Pluto – all about regeneration, purging, and necessary change - compels us to fortify our integrity, sense of morality, and wellspring of courage (Tarnas, 2006). Doing what is truly correct in the midst of forces that oppose you.


Thus at the level of our individual lives, as well as within our families, communities, countries, world, and universe, our commitments and duties and sense of ‘what must be done’ become increasingly clear and non-negotiable through this period. You are being called to step up and step in.


The gravity of January’s new moon is softened by a compassionate and expansive connection to dreamy Neptune. Here, Neptune can assist us in feeling and sensing beyond and through the hardness. Maybe there is some space for movement between the rock and hard place, but it will take connection and imagination.

Invite a slow and steady pace this year, one that is imbued with a focus on the ‘bigger picture’.

Rick Levine - Saturn-Pluto talk at United Astrology Conference, 2018
Richard Tarnas - Cosmos & Psyche