New Moon in late Capricorn

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The first new moon of 2018 occurs on January 16th late in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sea-goat – combining ancient wisdom of the waters with the expanded perspective gleaned from the mountaintops. As the third oldest sign of the zodiac wheel, Capricorn is about making practical and socially-relevant use of individual talents, applying lessons from relationships and spiritual insights, and gaining influence and mastery over one’s physical realm.

A sign of kings, wealth, and power, Capricorn is when the Sun (son of God – Jesus) is (re)born: the first day of Capricorn season is marked by the Winter Solstice on December 21st which is the day that Sol begins to increase in light and rise higher and higher in the sky.

Cold, clear, calculating, and rejuvenated, Capricorn energy can see the beginning, middle, and end of a project or goal clearly. Capricorn takes smart and steady action to manifest lofty dreams and giant projects into reality. Ruled by cold and dry Saturn, Capricorn can face reality and consequences with maturity and steadiness. These abilities lend the Capricorn much power to change and direct their corner of the world, for good or not. A great example of a Capricorn personality in the media is political commentator Ben Shapiro – both Mercury and the Sun were high in the Capricorn sky when he was born, and his conservative (Capricorn) belief systems are communicated (Mercury) and highly visible (Sun) to wide audiences.

While influence and wealth shines down from the Capricorn throne (after much effort and labour), the Sun casts a shadow of earthly indulgence. After all, the devil often takes the form as an animalistic, appetitive goat! Hungry for sensuality and excess, lost in material seductions and sensation-seeking through drugs, sex, drama, and power, misusing of wealth and authority: these are the cold hard temptations of the Capricorn path. Because Capricorn is so competent in the material realm, they run the risk of forgetting that there are realms far vaster than our physical eyes can perceive.

Everyone has Capricorn somewhere in our charts, and wherever the sea-goat reigns for you is a request that we apply our experience and wisdom toward increasing our social position and our ability to earn and maintain status and wealth, without forgetting that some aspects of life are fleeting and others are eternal. While some people denigrate status, wealth, and power, do not ignore the fact that these gifts are required to transform our world, and they are only bestowed alongside great responsibility.

Pluto, the slow-moving planet of purging and deep transformation, has been traversing Capricorn since 2008. Each new moon in Capricorn from 2008 until 2023 is thus infused with intensity. People with significant planets, lights, or angles in Capricorn have been shedding layers for some time (what is a light or an angle? Where are mine? Book a reading and find out!).

January’s new moon is heavily Capricorn: alongside the Sun and Moon, we also have Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn who recently returned home), Lilith (the apogee of the Moon that signifies wild instinctual feminine energy), Mercury, Venus, and of course, Pluto. Lilith is a subtle, underground influence lasting until summertime; I think she helps release some pent up energy in Capricorn structures during this time. At this new moon, Lilith-Mercury encourages us to speak from our depths, and non-verbal expressions might be especially useful in releasing stuck patterns.

Remember that Capricorn follow Sagittarius, and thus involves a crashing back to the ground kind of feel, so be shrewdly realistic as to what your current position is: are you broke? Sick? Disorganized? Honestly review, commit and move forward. Though the nature of Capricorn is strong and steady, the stability of plans and actions that we make during this new moon are threatened by Uranus’ square from Aries. Disruption and chaos are to be expected, and the desire to feel free and unrestrained clashes with the cold, heavy rock of Capricorn. This is an energizing connection as long as we can infuse flexibility into our well-laid plans.

Overall, for all people, this is a powerful month to take smart action based on solid plans and past wisdoms. Gaze into your future, and be guided by your passions (Mars and Jupiter nourish this new moon from the depths of Scorpio). Remember Capricorn is adapted for both water and mountain. Gazing is not enough though, be ready to take real actions each day toward these grand visions and deeply desired goals. Saturn can grant you the discipline you need to move forward now, and genuine efforts will be slowly rewarded through time. While the energy of new moons last for 28 days, this is the first new moon with Saturn solidly in Capricorn, so intentions set now realistically have at minimum 3 years to unfold. Choose wisely, act intelligently.