Erotic dancing at church

This past Sunday was Valentine's Day and I had the opportunity to perform on the pole and offer up some interactive, erotic breath & movement guidance to guests of a fundraising event called Death by ChocolateThe event has gone on for over a decade and raises funds for Oltumo, a technology development project in Kenya, and for the Unitarian Congregation in Saskatoon. 

Before the event began, I was feeling a bit shy. Donning a small red bodysuit and setting up my portable dancing pole (my bf set it up actually) on the stage in front of the church organ and choir seats stirred up some strange thoughts and feelings. I reminded myself that Unitarians are open-minded. Some part of me felt deeply satisfied and mischievous - getting to move erotically and encourage others to do the same in a church seemed to fulfill a a deep-seated need and fantasy for me. Take that past biblical eras of witch burnings and sex-haters!

The crowd was A DREAM: so receptive, loud, and fun. We did some moaning and hip-circling and touched our bodies. People blushed, giggled, and participated. I pole danced to an absolutely succulent and poetic song about love. My hands were grippy and I felt present and serene. 

Yogis of SaskAcro and burlesque performers from Menagerie Burlesque stunned and thrilled the audience with strip tease, smiles, and feats of strength. Delicious chocolatey treats and wine flowed generously.

Yesterday, I talked about past lives with a lovely elder and psychic in Edmonton. I told her about the pole-dancing-in-church thing and she smiled back naughtily. We are making progress toward joyfully celebrating sexual diversity and erotic power. 

I'm so grateful to be invited to participate in events like these. I'm so grateful that people are deliberating and lovingly integrating sexuality into their spiritual lives. 

As I stripped down to get on the church stage, I did I get here? Life is mysterious and full of humour and I'll keep doing my best to respond in a similar spirit.