New Moon in Sagittarius: Ready, Aim, Love, Think, Aim, Fire!

At least once or twice a year, I go through a skeptical phase with my astrology studies. Pretty much every astrologer that I trust and follow predicted that Clinton would trounce Trump so after the election results, I was surprised and felt that perhaps the left-wing bias in astrological circles perhaps occluded a fair analysis. Of course astrology is a blend of art and science and no one expects it to be perfectly precise, but I was left feeling dissatisfied for whatever reason.

A lack of faith can motivate action on a new path or a deeper examination of one’s current path. With today’s new moon in Sagittarius co-present with asteroid Juno, serious Saturn, and quick Mercury, tests of dedication, commitment, and faith are central.

One of my favourite ways to explore and communicate the meaning of each sign is by understanding their position relative to the preceding and following signs. In Scorpio, the deeply passionate, watery sign before Sagittarius, our strength is tested. Intimate relationships rise up for scrutiny and the uglier aspects of ourselves become known. Through letting go of rigid beliefs and behaviors that prevent us from experiencing the transformative power of relationships, Scorpio energy destroys the stagnant to create space more meaningful connections.

Capricorn, the sign that follows Sagittarius, is symbolized by the sea-goat. Connected to emotional intelligence, Capricorn energy can motivate decisive and practical actions that have far-reaching implications for entire systems and societies. The goat, with a vantage point from an elevated mountain peak, can foresee how certain decisions and actions will play out far into the future.

As the rainbow bridge between what we courageously release from the past and what we can sturdily construct in the future, Sagittarius is swift, pointed, decisive, and up-lifting.

After going through the crises of Scorpio, we carry a lighter load that is no longer shrouded in the density of fear. Without fear, we are able to connect to our bodies and our desires and with a clearer perspective on what is true and meaningful, we are able to aim ourselves toward targets that inspire us.

In Sagittarius, all of our knowledge and past experiences are quickly distilled into pure directional that propels us without distraction toward our goals. Driven onward by the pot of gold at the rainbow’s terminus, we feel lighter and brighter than ever before.

Remember that a new moon is a seed planted: when Luna and Sol unite every four weeks in our dark night sky, we have the opportunity to feel something new take root. The positions of the heavenly bodies in the sky during a new moon reveals what kind of seed is available for planting.

The asteroid Juno plus faraway Neptune each influence today’s new moon seed.  Juno in mythology is also known as Hera, the wife (and sister) of Zeus. Before she was known as Zeus’ wife however, she was indeed the Queen of Heaven, presiding over Olympus, the birthplace of all goddesses and gods.

Juno’s tale is an interesting one that reveals both tension and bliss in female-male relations as well as the important role of marriage in a patriarchal world. It would appear that Juno’s marriage to Zeus was a strategic decision and the constant philandering of Zeus caused Juno much rage and dissatisfaction. Their brother-sister union was not fertile either as Zeus fathered many offspring during the marriage but none of these were born by Juno.

As an asteroid in the belt between the furthest personal planet (Mars) and the closest social planet (Jupiter), Juno reveals aspects of our intimate lives that must transform if we wish to experience more satisfaction in our outward, public lives. Ideally, Juno drives us toward perfect union with another person, gifting us with dreamy snuggles, intimate knowing, and selfless sharing. The opposite of this might show up as codependence, manipulation, and suffocation within relationships.

Sagittarius energy, though impassioned and fiery, can be cold and clear in its questing and searching.

It can feel too weighty to merge with another person and to take into consideration their needs and goals in addition to our own.

But with Saturn’s serious, consequence-driven influence nearby and Juno’s prayers for union, this Sagittarian cycle demands that we include thoughtful considerations of the future and the other before we drive onward with tunnel vision toward our precious goals.

Neptune casts a challenging ray on today’s new moon, interestingly Neptune also influenced the last new moon but in a much more harmonious way. If you were able to feel inspiration and subtle imaginings of what might be last month, you were tapped into Neptune’s magick. As the planet of glamour, intrigue, mysticism, and illusion, Neptune reminds us that if something appears to be way too perfect, it may indeed by too good to be true. Be wary of people and situations arising in your life this month that promise far too much.

With both Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius alongside Luna-Sol and Juno, it’s a potent time to have serious conversations, especially regarding your intimate relationships and future goals.

Tempted as you may be to duck out with Neptunian delights (drink & drugs & daydreaming), you will be better off if you plod through any obstacles or challenges head on.

Sagittarius energy blesses us with trust and faith in our own experiences but this particular cycle demands effort and commitment to something that can remain durable far into the future. Our ability to aim high and travel far is intimately connected to how deep we are willing to feel after all…as sexy Venus alongside hellish Pluto influences Jupiter’s drive to cooperate and harmonize.

Honest feelings that originate within our instinctual centres need to be heard and heeded, as Sagittarius is also the centaur – half human, half beast. The visceral power of our fear and sexuality become fuel for our chosen path when the light of our mind shares its heat.

***Art by Rob Keay***