Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you believe in astrology and do science at the same time?

    Because I have an imagination…and not so much hubris that I can’t fathom the universe as a seriously mysterious place whose secrets are perhaps more accessible through the use of multiple forms of knowledge and wisdom. Because I appreciate rich observational, experiential, and historical information. Because science is a method and astrology is…many things.

  2. What kinds of things can an astrology reading reveal?

    I’m sure some astrologers can tell you when you will meet your one true love or when and how you will die, but that isn’t me. An astrology reading is an opportunity for us to explore you in-depth through symbol, story, and cycles.

    One part counselling (warning: I’m not a licensed counsellor), one part creative self-exploration, one part safe space to reflect, share, and ponder.

    I consider my specialty as lending a framework and language to assist you in describing and understanding how your life and self evolves through time. You might leave with a greater appreciation of your purpose and connection to nature and the great mystery. You might also leave with some practical considerations in terms of when it might be a good time to begin a new job or relationship. For more detail on how astrology might help you, check out this blog.

  3. Can you look at [person’s] chart?

    Only if that person has given you and I consent to examine their chart. And only as to how they pertain to you and your life.

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