p u l s e

Painting by Lynda Howitt: view her work at  www.lyndahowitt.com

Painting by Lynda Howitt: view her work at www.lyndahowitt.com

When a baby's head presses on the mother's cervix, oxytocin is released in pulses from the brain into the circulatory system; this pulsing drives uterine contractions and supports the baby's grand entrance into the world.

The first time I realized that the nebulous concept of 'energy' was real was on a dance floor. Well, it was on the ground, and we were dancing upon it.

Reich speaks of orgone energy, Chinese traditions discuss chi, and yogis describe prana. When I was dancing outside in the glorious summer of 2009 (when transiting Jupiter and Neptune crossed over my ascendant) and the facilitator talked about 'grounding', I became aware, for the very first time, of the discharge of energy into the ground beneath my feet, and the confident calm that followed.

I lean on this eternal pulsing of energy, this life force, this current, to guide me. Like the heartbeat of trance music, like the eternal birth-growth-death cycle, the pulse is life: forever spiralling and changing and dancing and transforming and moving and flowing.

Dance is a simple way to open your body to this intelligent pulse, invoking a natural state of being that is accepting, pure, and ecstatic. When we open to the pulse of this holy current, we feel soft and supple in our bodies, and alive, aroused, and engaged by life's mysteries.