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Public Lecture on Female Health at University of Saskatchewan

I will be sharing some findings from my research with the Department of Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.

Where: Arts 153, University of Saskatchewan


 Bridging the Body & Mind: Applying Evolutionary Theory to Women’s Health & Disease

 Brief Abstract:

Long recognized are the complex interactions between personality, sexuality, mental illness, and the body. In our modern western world however, questions about physical disease are sent to the realm of medical research while questions about mental or emotional problems are directed to psychologists and psychiatrists. An evolutionary approach provides an integrative framework to study human health and disease, as processes like natural and sexual selection act upon the mind and body simultaneously. In this seminar, Natalie will examine sex-specific factors in human evolutionary history that shape patterns of variation in personality traits and disease susceptibility. Because women experience three interpersonal reproductive contexts (sex, childbirth, and breastfeeding), their bodies and minds face unique selective pressures relative to men. These combined reproductive and social pressures appear to play important roles in shaping aspects of empathy and depression, as well as patterns of comorbidity between physiological and psychological diagnoses like endometriosis and bipolar disorder.



Later Event: November 29
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