Dream & Plan: Astrology of 2019 Workshop
7:00 PM19:00

Dream & Plan: Astrology of 2019 Workshop

Are you excited for a new year?

Do you desire to make the most of it?

Are you one part planner, one part mystic?

Join me for a 3-hour workshop (Jan 10th OR Jan 21st; 7-10 pm each night) where you will:

  • learn the basics of reading your personal astrology chart

  • feel into the vibes of each month of 2019

  • learn how to connect each month’s astrology to your stars

This workshop can help you:

  • plan ahead for periods of rest, creativity, romance, and more

  • market your business effectively by planning events during high-visibility periods

  • anticipate challenging periods throughout the year

After the workshop, you will go home with:

  • an email and/or hardcopy image of your personal astrology chart

  • astrological forecast for each month of 2019

  • astro ‘cheatsheets’ to help you continue your studies

The workshop is interactive and limited to 6 participants per session. You must pre-register and pre-pay to participate!

To register, please email Natalie at natalie@nataleo.com.

Sliding scale price: $75 - $150.

Location TBA.

When I receive your registration, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions on where to go and what to bring.

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Public Lecture on Female Health at University of Saskatchewan
3:00 PM15:00

Public Lecture on Female Health at University of Saskatchewan

Long recognized are the complex interactions between personality, sexuality, mental illness, and the body. In our modern western world however, questions about physical disease are sent to the realm of medical research while questions about mental or emotional problems are directed to psychologists and psychiatrists. An evolutionary approach provides an integrative framework to study human health and disease, as processes like natural and sexual selection act upon the mind and body simultaneously.

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