the mystery of lilith

Strength  Tarot Card from  Luis Royo - The Labyrinth Tarot

Strength Tarot Card from Luis Royo - The Labyrinth Tarot

Lilith was the first woman, created by God along with Adam from mud & dirt & holy breath. When Adam demanded that Lilith lay beneath him during sex, she refused and in doing so, chose to leave Eden's paradise rather than be subservient to another.

Depending on which version of the myth you prefer, she then goes on the Red Sea, copulating with demons and having hundreds of babies who die each day. Really though, the Red Sea is an allegory for blood time; Lilith retreats into herself, renews her strength, and returns to Eden to initiate both Eve & Adam into the mysteries.

Lilith is a living goddess, an energy that you can connect to and call on for assistance. She is fierce, a personification of both the creative and destructive aspects of erotic instinct. 

Lilith is potent, holy lust, the wild wisdom of our ancient bodies. When suppressed, she expresses as rage and when honoured, her sexual powers are incredibly transformative.