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Every Wednesday from 7 - 8 pm at Balance Within, Saskatoon.



Sexy fun dance time for the ladies. loosen up, feel creative, experience pleasure.

Previous Classes


Erotic Energies

5 Wednesday nights (9 - 10 pm) at Balance Within, starting on April 27th and running until May 25th.

Join me for a sensual 5 week series where we will explore breath and movement designed to enhance your libido and erotic confidence.

When you complete the course, you will be ready to perform an erotic dance routine for a special audience if you so choose.

  • Take home practical tools for grounding into your body, opening to pleasure, and deepening into presence.
  • If you are the kind of woman who feels giggly or awkward when you try to enter a deep erotic space, this course is for you!
  • If you struggle with feeling sexy and would like to push your comfort zone, this course is a great fit!
  • Increase fluidity and flexibility of your entire body
  • Feel comfortable in your own unique & divine  erotic nature

Tuesday nights at Balance Within (300 3rd Ave S) starting April 12th!

 Available ONLINE or IN-PERSON, this course will help you connect to the lunar cycle, giving you practical tools to organize and energize your life! See the poster for details on the in-person edition of this course.

Take this class online ($99) and receive:

  • Exclusive astrological writings
  • A playlist of dance music designed to resonate with the energies of the week
  • Suggestions for breath and movement
  • Unlimited email conversation about your astrology and experiences

P U L S E: Fitness for Ladies

Tuesday nights at Balance Within (300 3rd Ave S)

PULSE is a deep, sensual, and sweaty ecstatic dance journey into the self. We do dancing, stretching, booty-shaking, breathing, and laughing to dig into our selves to release old emotions. Explore your creativity and natural state of ecstasy on the dance floor. Awesome music, like-minded people, and pure dance medicine. 

You will leave this class feeling energized and ready to take on the world - let's coax up that juicy earthy energy together while enjoying the strength and flexibility of our bodies. Please wear anything that lets your body move freely!

No registration required! Show up 5 minutes early and be ready to dance! $15 or $50 for a 4-class pass - please bring cash.





Private Pole Dancing

Package of six 45-minute sessions for $299

Join me in a gentle, safe, and arousing pole dancing experience. Receive customized instructions for your unique body and style. Over the course of 6 weeks you will learn strength-building moves, spins, and dance moves all woven into a routine. Become aware of your body's gifts, improve your posture and alignment, and feel genuinely sexy in your body. 

These sessions are scheduled on a date and time that works well for both of us.