Rhymes for the New Moon in Cancer

from high skies to fitful streams

sipping on placental dreams


though our eyes & minds may agree

our fallen warrior is moist & moody


to feel warm and safe and surely held

supports paths on which we are compelled


a threat makes our eyes pop wide

do we lash out or run and hide


protecting that which we hold dear

turning away from what we fear


a sweet, supported new beginning

injected with desires of winning


today's lunation in the crab's sign

impresses value on what is mine


be wary as we crawl this moon

enough abounds for all to bloom

Queen of Heaven Dances Through Her Lover's Castle

Venus is a glimmering diamond in our skies and her beautiful, cyclical dance with the Sun, as seen from our perspective on Earth, inspired ancient people to dub her with such lovely titles as Queen of Heaven. The ancients watched Venus alternate between her visible and invisible phases, when she regally shines in the night sky, she is Hesperos, when she dares to grace the morning skies before the Sun, she is Lucifer (bringer of light), and when her glimmer is absent from our skies, she visits her dark sister, Ereshkigal, in the Underworld.

Unlike the erratic and less predictable cycle of her cosmic lover Mars, Venus’ dance with the Sun creates a 584-day cycle as measured from one conjunction -when Venus is aligned with the Sun - to the next. During her inferior conjunctions, Venus is directly in between the Earth and the Sun and during her superior conjunctions, Venus is directly behind the Sun from Earth’s vantage point. She alternates between being invisible - when she’s in front of (60 days) or behind the Sun (7-8 days) because the Sun’s glare blots out her sparkle - and visibly shining in the night skies (260 days) or morning skies (260 days).

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Pisces Promises: Renewal In The Dark

For people who follow tropical astrological or solstice-equinox-type of calendars (ie. people in Iran), the spring equinox on March 21st heralds the new year, so by those systems, we are now in the deep dark of the end, where everything dissolves and unwinds and dies to make way for the new.

I love the dark moon chaos stillness so much that I can find the dark moon everywhere: the end of every lunation (every 28 days); the end of the Gregorian year; the end of the Chinese year; the end of each project; the onset of blood time…

With every new life form there exists death and decay.

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don't knock your corners off going through the door you square

In astrology we speak of different geometrical relationships between planets, from the perspective of the Earth. Today, I'm sharing some thoughts about the square aspect (when 2 planets are 90 degrees apart from each other from the starting point of Earth) because we experience 2 important squares each month - the waxing square between Luna & Sol (first quarter moon) and the waning square between them (third quarter). Next week (Dec 6), we pass through the waxing square of last week's new moon in Sagittarius.

Squares can be read as an impediment to growth.

Moon-Sun conjunction (new moon) was squared by Neptune (around 5 days ago) – whatever seed is planted does not take root because it is too dispersed, too porous, too distracted.

Or, the square might generate enough tension to shift the growth of Moon-Sun in a significant and creative manner: the seed takes root in a supraconscious layer of our experience; an awareness (fire/light) of one’s tendency to escape generates enough heat to drive all resources united toward the cherished goal; the seed is bizarre, glamorous, inspired, ethereal, and delicate.

Maybe the vision needs to be broader, deeper, less bounded, more magickal, more considerate of an expanded sense of existence and compassion.

Neptune is the veil masking raving deities, the lapping waters under a lush velvet sky obscuring the slippery monsters beneath.

The new moon was also imprinted with Saturn, as the Moon, Sun, and Saturn (plus Mercury and Juno) were all in Sagittarius at the time and when planets are together in a sign, they are combined and then expressed.

So while the square placement generates tension and challenge in the style of ‘make it or break it’, conjunctions within a sign appear to simply occur... according to the nature of the planets involved.

With Saturn’s influence on last week’s new moon, all seeds taking root are infused with Saturnian qualities – maturity, commitment, the coalescing of the past – for good

  • dedicating self to a new project, goal, relationship, health initiative
  • making plans that reach into the future based on clear understanding of one’s strengths and circumstances
  • sober judgment in difficult circumstances

or for worse

  • bitter seeds
  • dead seeds
  • fear and inaction
  • overcompensation
  • creation based on past circumstances that no longer support you
  • isolation

As we approach the first quarter 'make it or break it' square of rooting your seeds from last week's new moon (exact early on Dec 6 in Saskatoon, SK), you might consider how these interacting dynamics of Saturn & Neptune, tension & dispersal, growth & dissolution are playing out in your life.

New Moon in Sagittarius: Ready, Aim, Love, Think, Aim, Fire!

At least once or twice a year, I go through a skeptical phase with my astrology studies. Pretty much every astrologer that I trust and follow predicted that Clinton would trounce Trump so after the election results, I was surprised and felt that perhaps the left-wing bias in astrological circles perhaps occluded a fair analysis. Of course astrology is a blend of art and science and no one expects it to be perfectly precise, but I was left feeling dissatisfied for whatever reason.

A lack of faith can motivate action on a new path or a deeper examination of one’s current path. With today’s new moon in Sagittarius co-present with asteroid Juno, serious Saturn, and quick Mercury, tests of dedication, commitment, and faith are central.

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