From centerstage to backstage: New moon in Virgo

Ripened fruit upon the vine

Your sleeves are rolled up

The vision is distant

Blurred in its edges

But vast and deep

This dream draws you in

And you are ready

Invigorated and charming

You the discerning one

With the quiet flame

When the wax melts

And the metal tarnishes

You will exhale

Into softer intestines

As rules or delays

Bump into your plans

So perfect the vine

That births the fruit

Even after you weave

Vine into flexible rope

The shadows of decay will

Nip at its junctions

Consuming its strength

And dissolving its function

so what does remain?

gaze at the shadows cast by your proud and waving flag: new moon-solar eclipse in Leo

As creator of ‘’ I’d be remiss not to publish an article about the giant, important, awe-and-fear-inspiring, so-called “Great American Solar Eclipse” that is happening in the late degrees of Leo on Monday, wouldn’t I?

SO MUCH has been written on it, by vague, new-age-y astrologers and excellent, critical, well-researched astrologers and everyone in between. It can be overwhelming to try and contribute something interesting, unique, and fresh.

I don’t wish to repeat what others have said so well, and there are so many layers to this moment in time.

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Rhymes for the New Moon in Cancer

from high skies to fitful streams

sipping on placental dreams


though our eyes & minds may agree

our fallen warrior is moist & moody


to feel warm and safe and surely held

supports paths on which we are compelled


a threat makes our eyes pop wide

do we lash out or run and hide


protecting that which we hold dear

turning away from what we fear


a sweet, supported new beginning

injected with desires of winning


today's lunation in the crab's sign

impresses value on what is mine


be wary as we crawl this moon

enough abounds for all to bloom