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gaze at the shadows cast by your proud and waving flag: new moon-solar eclipse in Leo

As creator of ‘’ I’d be remiss not to publish an article about the giant, important, awe-and-fear-inspiring, so-called “Great American Solar Eclipse” that is happening in the late degrees of Leo on Monday, wouldn’t I?

SO MUCH has been written on it, by vague, new-age-y astrologers and excellent, critical, well-researched astrologers and everyone in between. It can be overwhelming to try and contribute something interesting, unique, and fresh.

I don’t wish to repeat what others have said so well, and there are so many layers to this moment in time.

Listen When The Little Bird Sings to You

I need to share a little story about how astrology shows up in my life. Last weekend, I started listening to Annie Lennox – I’d heard her music and her name before but never really connected all of her great songs together and attributed them to her and her overall collection. In fact, when I was 14 or so, I did a jazz dance with a few girls to Annie’s fantastic track, Little Bird, which is now a sure song on my life’s soundtrack. It was a fantastic number and we wore these strange, white, feather-covered unitards that gave us a most unfortunate case of camel toe, but anyway, back to my astrology story…

Erotic dancing at church

This past Sunday was Valentine's Day and I had the opportunity to perform on the pole and offer up some interactive, erotic breath & movement guidance to guests of a fundraising event called Death by Chocolate. The event has gone on for over a decade and raises funds for Oltumo, a technology development project in Kenya, and for the Unitarian Congregation in Saskatoon. 

Before the event began, I was feeling a bit shy. Donning a small red bodysuit and setting up my portable dancing pole (my bf set it up actually) on the stage in front of the church organ and choir seats stirred up some strange thoughts and feelings. I reminded myself that Unitarians are open-minded. Some part of me felt deeply satisfied and mischievous