I offer 3 kinds of astrology readings.


Ask Your Birth Chart           

Astrological Consultation

Your natal chart is a two-dimensional representation of the sky at the moment you were born. During this consultation (available online via Skype or in person) we will engage in a deep examination of who YOU uniquely are:  what nourishes you; what challenges you; where you came from; where you would like to go; and which mythical themes are relevant to your journey.

Investment is $100.

In Transition                     

Astrological Consultation

A natal chart reading plus an additional examination of where you are in the cycles of your life. Perfect for anyone who feels like they are entering a new phase of life, confused, and seeking clarity.

Investment is $125.

Relationship Read

Astrological Consultation

Explore how you vibe with another person. This reading includes an individual reading for both of you and an analysis of your charts together. Explore areas of friction and ease.

Investment is $175.