Welcome, I'm Natalie.

I come from the prairie skies of western Canada and I'm devoted to doing my part to support the re-emergence and re-awakening of feminine wisdom here on Earth. Sensing connections between apparently disconnected phenomena is one of my specialities.

As a scientific researcher, student, lecturer, dancer, astrologer, and entrepreneur, I find it difficult to neatly describe and summarize my work and passions because they tend to involve the merging and blurring of boundaries.

I am currently a PhD student conducting interdisciplinary research into the origins of female sexual behaviour, asking questions like: why do females orgasm? How does the oxytocin system influence personality and sexual functioning in women? 

For as long as I can recall, I've been intrigued by astrology, so I tend to spend my spare time studying this millennia-old wisdom tradition - and I also offer readings! This interest of mine has both baffled and offended people who are firmly entrenched in a positivist worldview.

I love to dance, I find it the easiest and most pleasurable way to heal my body and to connect spiritually. Occasionally you'll see me on stage as my alter-ego, Lilith, or simply on the dance floor among friends. 

To encourage health & happiness via community connections, I also enjoy organizing full moon gatherings, plus fundraisers and parties with my partner's company, Helicon Studios.