2019: An Astrological Forecast

2019 is year of contradiction: waves of oceanic bliss coincide with considerable challenges. I’m pleased to share my first ever yearly overview with you - it was a joyful and sacred process to peer into the energies of each lunation and to get a feel for what 2019 holds for us.

The forecast isn’t about ‘telling the future’, it’s about getting a sense of where we fit into the cosmic dance, and making choices from that place of belonging.

If you are a bit of a planner (and a bit of a mystic), you just might find this 16-page forecast useful.


  • A list of key dates (eclipses, retrogrades) to watch out for (by planet, especially useful if you know your ruling planet!)

  • A month-by-month overview of key themes, challenges, and possibilities (organized by each month’s new moon)

  • Images to contemplate and useful activities to engage in each month